Tracenode is an Engineering and Software development Company that creates perfect, awesome and clean software engineering solutions.

Our services

We are doing a couple of things you might be interested in

Customised Software Systems

We listen to your challenges and develop Customized Software Systems tailored for your needs

Asset Tracking and Fleet Management System

We aim to tighten the unique bond between you and your treasured assets

Website Design and Development

Compatible with various desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Engineering and Embedded System Projects

We design, develop and test engineering driven projects to ease Operations

About us

Tracenode is an Engineering and Software development Company



We create world class systems that revolve around providing high levels of functionality, intelligence, security and user friendly applications. With development aimed at providing client-focused solutions.

The systems are backed by software-developers, engineers and technicians with the ability to customize, expand, maintain and deploy these applications. Also offering training to the taste of the clients specifications.

What Makes Us Different

We are extremely customer centric and believe in customer driven results. Providing constant support to ensure your experience is memorable

Our Work

Latest cool projects we've been working on

Asset Tracking and Fleet Managment

Our tracking and fleet management system revolves around providing high levels of functionality, intelligence, security and a user friendly tracking platform aimed at tightening the unique bond between the customer and their treasured assets.

Client Management System

Companies that are in the service industry are very particular about keeping their clients satisfied. They need to get as much information as necessary to do this. This system has been able to keep service providers in touch with their clients to give them a more personalised service.

Store Requisitioning System

This system manages your store items from the time items are ordered from the supplier to the dispatching of those items to your different destinations. It works well with warehouses and hotel stores.

Postgraduate Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills System

We partnered with the Mulago School of Public Health to design a program that would be used to assess their postgraduate students. This has made the work of the examiners easier and students are able to know their results as soon as possible.

File Tracker

Companies normally keep records in files which are stored. Some of these stores are big and may span different departments which makes it hard to find a file if there is no record of where it has moved and where it currently is. This system uses barcodes and RFID tags on the files to determine the files that have passed through a certain destination.


It is important for companies to have a great online presence to reach out to the global community. We design high quality modern websites and maintain them to the latest standard while making them focus on the company's core functionality.

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